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Taking place 100 years after the end of the series.The 7th has come and gone and a new regime has come into power.But some of them are corupt and plan on taking over.Missing nin have started back up old groups.Villages are at war.Will you help save the c
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 Baki Ookami DONE

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Basic Character Information:
Name: baki ookami
-Nickname: baka
Age: 23
Gender: male
Clan: ookami

Baki Ookami DONE 11_sm-1

Baki is very self centered and big headed his friends gave him the nickname "BAKA" for being so foolish and predictable. however after the events in his life baki became very quiet and is slowling losing his sanity. baki wishes deeply to return to his village with open arms and forget about what he's done but knows its too late now. baki often takes blame for events out of his control and acts like a diffrent person when he puts on his mask. he deepens his voice and becomes colder and crueler as a bandait and but he refusesto kill unless he is angered by something that drives him into a fury. baki is very anti social and spends all his time training and robbing. he often steals without causeing death but when attacked he turn into a reckless fury that few live to tell the tale about. baki is very lonley and lons for a friend or companion.

Basic Clan Information:
Clan Name: Ookami clan
Kekkei Genkai: werewolf transormation
Clan Symbol:
Baki Ookami DONE Kataikontan_Sign
Clan History:Before the rise of Tailed demons simple lower demons were the first to enter the land. The most peaceful were a demon name ookami. Ookami wanted nothing more than to raise a geneation of powerful people to spread his message of love and joy throughout the world to prove not all demons were evil and one day while sitting at a lake to think he saw a beatuful girl named Rayne. Ookami shaeshifted into a man and he charmed rayne into marrying him and told her of his plan to spread a message of love throughout the world. they had children, tripletes. the first two were a cubs boy and a girl bringing the first white wolves into the world. the last was a boy named David. David had the ablilty to shapeshift like his father and soon ookami revealed his true form to rayne. at first one would assumed rayne would leave for mating with a demon but instead she stayed with him. being a human she had seen ookami was diffrent than the other demons and wanted to bring peace so she agreed to stay with him to raise the children. the ookami clan were simple nomads traveling to and from lands until they came across suna. the land was a dessert that was hot all the time so they felt espically strong using their fire element and at night the warmth of their wolf brothern was enough to keep them from freezing to death in the desser at night. the clan often keeps wolves as house pets and guard dogs over special treasures or scrolls contraining vauled information and jutsus. they also have heightned senses of hearing, smelling and sight.


Rank Information:

Rank: special jounin
Village: konaha

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty: ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: fire and wind
Special Characteristics: baki is a skilled swordsman and assasin.


Name: phoinex flame
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: the user uses handsighns and collects chakura in the top of his/her throat. then they build up the flame in their neck and when ready release it and shoot it towards a opponet in a stream of flame.

Name: Burning pain
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: the user focuses a immense amount of chakurain the palm of their hands through their finger tips while dong the handsighns. when the user is done he puches out a large amount of chakuras into a fast ball of energy that can burn through 5 inch thick steel alloy. baki often useres this move to distract a opponet so he may counter atack it.

name: grandfireball
effect :the user shootas fireball but collects the fire in the users hands then releases the fire in the shape of a ball the attack is slow but once it hits something it will explode engulfing whatever it hits and everything in a 15 foot radious in flame. (best used when opponets are immbobilized)

Chakura Blast: the user collects chakura aorund their body simular to chakura armor but the user iinstead puches it out creating a blast of chakura around them that can vary in size. it can be used defensivley and offensivley to stop oncomeing attacks and absorbs the damge done and throw it back in the blast increaseing it's attack power even more. however, once used the user is left with very little chakura in their body.

Wolf howl: battle cry
effect: once done the user enchances his or her strengh by 25% along with all allies withen hearing Radius and decreases opponets attack and defense by 20%.
elemnt: wind
type ninjutsu

Name: Deafening Wolf Howl
Effect: the user can produce a loud howl that is strong enough to wound enemies the user collects chakra in their throat before emitting the howl causeing soundwaves to attck their opponets.
element: wind

wolf howl: locator
description: the user collects chakura in their throat and howls simular to deafening wolf screach. However, instead of offence this is used to find a opponet's heart beat frequencey and can locate a opponet and everyone around tham up to a raduis of 700 feet.
element: wind

name: wolf's rain
effect: a mixture of genjutsu tequinique and taijutsu form that lets the user appear to be a wolf attacking but actually is strikeing with fists and kicks this move can be used in a strong one hit strike or a series of weaker yet faster strikes
element: none
type: gen/tai

name:cresent moon dance
effect: the user must weild a sword for this to work the user cretes a clone of temselves attacking their opponet. the user then appears behind the enemy in a complicated pattern leaving a deversating blow to the head.

Name: Duality pierceing fang
Effect: like the periceing fang tequinque but faster than the origanal that it is hard to see where it's heading and kicks up so much wind it blinds the opponet also even if it misses the wind is so strong it can cut through light armor in a instant
rank: C
element: none

Name: Wild Wolf's Mane
Effect: This technique uses chakra to temporarily enhance the head's metabolism and manipulate the hair that grew longer as a result of this. There is also chakra flowing through the lengthened hair, making its hardness comparable to that of steel wire. By thickly bundling the hair, its strength is further increased, also increasing its destructive power. It's name may also come from the fact that (as seen just before striking Pain,) it takes a wolf-like shape
element: none

name: replacement tequinque
effect: the user replaces themselves with a log, stone dummy, ect.
type: gen


Name: kumo thread
Appearance:]Baki Ookami DONE 286x286_basilisk_yashamaru2_cast_mini_gallery_thumb_0_1
Rank: B
Special Abilities: the thread is steel wire dipped into a special oil that hardened it even more making it neary indestructible. baki uses the thread as a surprise attack for opponets that nearly invisible to the naked eye. baki uses chakura to strenghen it even more making it fire proof, and electric proof. baki can lenghten and harden the thread by chakura concentraition and is used to bind and snear opponets and sometime even kill them by slicing them in half due to the ropes hardness.
Origin:baki gained this weapon from a criminal who used this agianst baki. baki killed the criminal by burning him alive and took the thread.

History and RP Sample:
History:he rembers little about his childhood other than his granfather and father leaving for missions much and letting him spen most of his time with his grandmother who taught baki alot of good morales throughout his life. she would tell him brave warriors throughout our clan and about the clan history and ways of life and traditons.baki was a below average academy student he trained occasionly for one peiod and then can train hard for another period and then take it easy the next day. he graduated with good marks but always fell asleep at the end of the day genjutsu lecture so he never payed atention. baki was a good student doing his best to participate in classroom activities and made the class clowns sit and pay attention.
baki was put on a team along with his father as a sensai so he spent more time with his father doing missions and training trough varoius exercises. he had two teamates that happened to be twins Touga and Tschuichi. Baki had a slight crush on Tschuchi but often had fights with touga that made things complicated but they remained friends over the years the spent most of their gennin life doing missions and light training, baki calls these yars the "golden life" before any tradgedy struck his life he was a gennin for 2 years after failing the chunnin exams the first time due to him failing the written exam causing the rest not to participate due to the rules.the first C raked mission they had was locating a gang of ninjas that caused trouble and fighting and defeating their leader and hold them until more ninjas arrive. baki and the rest of his team were excited about a fight but his father was worried about baki being hurt. baki rushed into battle recklessly leaving the others behind he charged at the leader who paralized baki and was about to stab him and was saved by his father taking a kuni to the back of his spine leaving him unable to walk for the rest of his life. baki blames himself and touga only mocked him for causeing pain on their sensai baki was 13 when his father was paralizyed.baki and the rest were later given a new sensai a woman named kiki sensai. kiki tried to help baki make through the phase of suffering he put himself in after he hurt his father and touga only acted cold to baki. Baki felt worthless and spent all his time training sense he would never be invited anywhere due to touga spreading the horrible rumors about baki causing his father the use of his legs. kikki comforted baki enough to make baki prove himself to his teamates during the exams. after the written portion in which he used mental communication with his wolf friends outside the classroom window telling baki the answers ( baki was on the front row). when they recived the scrolls test they were ambushed by four teams.they all tried to gang up on baki's teams but baki then transformed into his werewolf form for the first time and howled calling all wolves in the forest of death to attack the teams the teams along with using his insane strengh and enchanced jutsus. the other teams were so frightend they surrendered and from then on baki and touga remain friends and Tschuchi started making advances toward baki. baki became a chunnin at age 14.Kiki sensai decided to challenge them more hearing about nbaki's transformation she trained the team more than ever making them reach strenghts of unbelivable levels and focused on their tai and nijutsu trainng beling genjutsu is only "mirror stricks and flash powder". Baki began slowley building up his relationship with Touga and his father and he even dated Tschuchi a couple of times. life seemed to get better and better and old wounds were healing and baki getting better at his transformation tequinque and learning the best tai and ninjutsu moves and this was when he learned about his wolf howl abilitys. he countinued being a chunnin until age 19 when he was promoted into jounin. now baki leads a squad of gennin and is one of the most talented jounin in the village.

Rp Sample:Baki breathed heavily his shirt torn to tatters and a cut above his left eyes forceing it closed before any blood can stain his eye. he and his team where surronded "damn it, damn it........" he chocked out he could hear a rip and tear in the background as he felt anger flooding his emotions "DAMN IT..........." he growled and howled three shurikens headed his way but he caught them and threw them back he threw a powerful swipe at a enemy breaking his arm. and held him by the face with a powerful grip. touga looked at baki with wild eyes and Tscuchi looked amazed by the power of such a bloodline.baki howled releasing the young gennin whose face had a hand/paw print covered in blood with twinkles of tears devolping in each eye as the others stood paralzed with fright. "what is this?" one asked "Lets scram a bigger one said but a large crowd distracted them. angry knawls and growls echoed through the forest a pack of angry looking majestic white wolves stared at the rain gennin and they all ran at diffrent angles of the forest with yells of fright. "their....gone....." baki looked around still snarling he looked over at Tscuchi she was staring at baki imitating her brother. baki let out a moan of exhaustion and layded down and when he opened his eyes his bones sucked back into their original form his snout melted back into a nose, his teeth chipped away until they were flat and white again and his eyes remained the same throughout the proccess. and now baki almost close to having anything on with a shirt now torn to tatters and pants strechted to big for him, shivered in the cold forest floor. touga picked up a dropped scroll and looked at baki Tscuchi began to make her way t baki until she was stopped by her brother. "let him rest.......Tscuchi" Touga looked at baki whose ody was ashivering in the cold, to thing such a boy weilded such a animal inside of him, "we have what we came for and theirs 2 days left baki can make it" and so covering baki with his jacket touga and Tschuchi wacthed over baki's sleeping body preparing for tommorow's long trek into the tower in the middle of the forest.

yeah i relaizing im just not cut out to be AKA leader but i think pat is back so im sure he'll be hapy too. ^.^
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