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Taking place 100 years after the end of the series.The 7th has come and gone and a new regime has come into power.But some of them are corupt and plan on taking over.Missing nin have started back up old groups.Villages are at war.Will you help save the c
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 pet or summon template

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PostSubject: pet or summon template   pet or summon template EmptySun Jul 12, 2009 6:57 pm

Name: (name of the pet)

Nickname: (what do you call your pet)

Species: (is it a dog,cat,snake,bird etc?)

Looks: (I won't approve a pet without a photo, please also write a paragraph underneath your photo)

Personality: (how does your pet act, is it smart or just rushes to battle, what is it scared of)

Age: (how old is your pet)

History: (How did you meet your pet)

Jutsu's: (what jutsu's can it before with you or by itself)

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pet or summon template
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