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Taking place 100 years after the end of the series.The 7th has come and gone and a new regime has come into power.But some of them are corupt and plan on taking over.Missing nin have started back up old groups.Villages are at war.Will you help save the c
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 Inuzuka "wildfire" Takoma

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Name:Inuzuka "wildfire" Takoma
Gender: Male
Height / Weight: 5'7/ 145 lbs
Current Village/Country Affiliation: Leaf Villiage
Physical Appearance:
Human form:
Transformed state:

Personality:Don't push his buttons" is an expression that many might say in reference to Takoma, but the truth is it's not entirely accurate. You see, Takoma doesn't have "buttons", oh no, he has a button. It's big, it's shiney, but it's not labeled one bit. Push at your own risk. When not testing the similarities between fire-wood and the people that piss him off, Takoma can generally be seen trying to give himself a reason to make the world's first human firecracker. He's argumentative, loud, obnoxious, and a bit rough around the edges. He's subject to his curiously, which can occationally stem from less than noble causes. This isn't to say he's a complete jack-ass all the time - he's not, you just have to give him a reason not to be.

History:Having been born into the Inuzuka clan, Takoma was practically destined to bond with a canine companion. Canines and lupines were a part of his home's heritage, thier culture, it was nearly written in stone. Nearly. There was a defect, a genetic corruption which for unexplicable reasons seemed to deny him the right of his heritage, his abilty to bond with a dog, of any kind. In fact, not only could he nod bond with the canines, they even shyed away from him! Young and old alike would move to keep away, to keep the child from touching them. Even for a Inuzuka, Takoma was a particularly aggressive and no-bullshit individual. If one managed to light his exceedingly short fuse, they'd be faced with one Hell of an explosion. It was Takoma's first resort to call upon his Katon releases in acts of revenge against his target. Other than this, or the most part, his childhood was normal, uneventful considering the tales of others in the world.

At fourteen the boy graduated from the Academy, with proefficent training in his Clan Jutsu's and his Katon Releases. His Katon abilities grew exponetially, to the point where the flames themselves would glow a bright white, occationally. While he had been in the academy, he had earned himself the nickname "Wildfire", stemming from his fixation with Houkato no Jutsu. At seventeen, Takoma enrolled into the Chuunin exams, and it was there that he was introduced to who he really was, as fearsome as it was.

The mission that Takoma's Chuunin team had been assigned was a simple; Seek and Recover. Various teams would be given one object that was paired with another similar object. Each team would be unleashed, and they'd have to find the team with the object that matches their own, and obtain it. There was trouble in the initial stages of the team's mission, however it was nothing compared to the time after Takoma's team met with thier opponents, a band of Cloud Ninjas. The battle was grueling, each team fought hard against one another to obtain the item they had been sent for.

However, the Cloud Ninjas' soon gained the upper hand, and much to the dismay of Takoma's team, almost took home the gold. Almost. Takoma would have none of it. Lose? Fuck that, he'd rather see their faces smashed in than lose to those worthless Cloud Ninja! Something within him stirred, something primal, something deep. As his flesh changed, his bones cracked, and a peircing howl echoed throughout the skies, Takoma came to realize why it was he could never bond with his companion -- He was his own companion.

His teammates looked on him in both awe, and shock - though, mostly shock. They grew wary of him after this, of his ability. Almost, -almost- like the dogs that avoided him when he was a child. It has been a year now since the exams have passed, and Takoma has yet to reach that level of rage once agian. He tries his hardest to maintain his anger, to leash the beast that howls within him. He often fails in this, after years of wild abandon one cannot expect to him to act like a priest, though he has yet to reach that level of anger again.

Dreams/Goals: -To learn more about what he is
- To learn to control his anger
- To become an ANBU captain


[ Combat Info ]


Completed Missions: (leave this blank, it will be used to list missions your character completes in-RP)

- Shuriken
- Kunai
- Hands, feet, claws
- Anything he can get his hands on
Combat Strengths:
- Large chakra reserves
- Above average speed
- Extremely agile
- Transformation state
- Strength is increased while transformed
Combat Weaknesses:
- Horribly accuracy with projectile weapons
- Poor Defenses
- Poor Chakra control
- Lack of diversity in Jutsu portfolio
- Minimum (if at all) usage of stealth
- Transofmation state burns his chakra quickly


[ Basic / Academy Jutsu ]


Bunshin no Jutsu
("Clone Skill") A basic ninja jutsu required to graduate into a Genin. Clones of the caster are created in their perfect likeness. They are false images, somewhere near the realm of illusions, but physically present. They can not cast jutsus or throw weapons, as they possess no material form. "Bunshins" will automatically disappear when hit. [E-Rank]

Henge no Jutsu
("Transformation Skill") A basic ninja jutsu required to graduate into a Genin. The user is transformed into a different appearance. They can change into anything from another person to a shuriken, as long as it is not a gas or liquid. In transformation, the user retains the same strength, weight, and density; one can not fly away as a bird or evade an attack as smoke. [E-Rank]

Kawarimi no Jutsu
("Body Substitute Skill") A basic ninja jutsu required to graduate into a Genin. The user switches his or her body with another object in an instant. It can be a plant, object, or animal, but not a person, something gaseous, or a liquid not in a container. Traditionally, the ninja inexplicably switches with a log. It is a useful jutsu for escape or evasion, but must be prepared one post prior to use by concentrating on the object in question and forming the hand seal. [E-Rank]

Kabenobori no Jutsu
("Wall Climbing Skill") By focusing chakra into the feet, the user is able to walk on walls. Walls that are thin or frail are more difficult to walk on without breaking them. [E-Rank]

(Air Walking) Through the use of this advanced technique, the user is able to flow their chakra through their body in such a way that it makes them almost weightless. As long as the user keeps moving, they can walk over any sort of substance imaginable, running across very small and thin tree limbs, jumping off of falling leaves, and even 'gliding' through the air over great distances and being immune to falling damage. [C-rank]


[ Ninjutsu ]



Katon: Houdangan no Jutsu
("Fire Element: Fire Bullet Technique") The user fires a small, concentrated burst of fire about the size of a golf ball from their mouth which can travel very far and very fast, but can not do much damage. [E-Rank]

Katon: Takitsuke
("Fire Element: Fire Igniter") This technique utilized the very base theory of all Katon techniques and used only as a basic survival technique in order to light a fire for drying or cooking. Through the use of this technique, the user focuses chakra into the tip of their finger and places it against a combustible material, causing a small flame to spark and then grow. The technique Hiakahou is much more efficient, but due to Takitsuke's transferring through touch, it takes up very little chakra to use. [E-Rank]

Katon: Soushu no Hinote
("Fire Element: Hands of Flame") This jutsu sets the user's hands aflame, making them capable of charring things with a touch or igniting highly flammable objects. The flame can be extinguished by any water source large enough to wet the entire hand. [D-Rank]

Katon: Houkato no Jutsu
("Fire Element: Wildfire Technique") This unique technique has been aptly dubbed the Lifesaver due to what it is capable of. With nothing more than a glance, a focused thought, and quickly forming a half-seal, the user is capable of causing a blast of fire to burst in mid-air anywhere within a several foot radius around him. The fire comes within a quick burst, so it is not there anywhere near long enough to do any major damage to someone or set anything on fire. However, the sudden burst of fire has high impact power that is capable of powerful push-back, again not capable of horribly injuring a person unless they have no room move with the attack. However, if an object is immobile, the sudden burst of fire has plenty of impact power to be able to bust something as hard as wood or stone. The technique is used mostly as a deflection technique when the user is incapable of dodging. Though not its main purpose, the technique can also be used to push people away if needed. [C-Rank]

Katon: Kaenmu no Jutsu
("Fire Element: Blazing Mist Technique") This technique doesn't do much more than greatly increase the flame of an already existing fire source. Effectively turning a flame about the size of a candle flame into a campfire, a campfire into a bonfire, and a bonfire into a forest fire. [C-Rank]

Katon: Ryusen no Jutsu
("Fire Element: Dragon's Breath Technique") Through the use of this technique, the user takes in a deep breath and exhales it in a stream of flammable gas. The technique has no effect unless there is an open fire exposed within range. The size of the stream of fire is equivalent to that of a large flamethrower. The size and power of the Ryusen is equivalent to that of the Ryuuka no Jutsu, except that it doesn't require wire to guide the flame. [C-Rank]

Katon: Gouka no Jutsu
("Fire Element: Hellfire Technique") Through the use of this technique, the user forcefully expels chakra from all chakra points in their body in the form of a powerful wave of fire which covers about a thirty-foot radius around the user. Needless to say, the user is left unharmed, though subsequent use of this technique can end up frying the chakra points and leaving them damaged for some time. [B-Rank]


Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu
This ninjutsu isn't a widely used technique, since it is only used when surprising the enemy. After performing a series of hand seals and raising his chakra, the ninja is buried underground using his chakra. He can then move freely inside the ground, as if he was outside. [C-Rank]


[ Taijutsu ]


("Iron Fist/Strong Fist") This is the basic style of Taijutsu, typically used by everybody while fighting. Hard punches and kicks are delivered with the intent of causing outer damage, such as bruising skin, tearing muscle, and breaking bones. Because of its basic nature, every ninja is able to use this Taijutsu to some degree.

*Tora Sensu*
(Tiger Style) This taijutsu style focuses more on "force" than striking power. Practitioners of this style are usually very agile. The style consists of most attacks from the user being leaping attacks or charging attacks. These attacks, in addition do doing their normal damage upon striking, have significant knockback to each attack. Leaping attacks are signature to this style, making it seem as if the practitioner of the Tiger Style spends more time in the air than they do on the ground. [C-rank]

(Defense Breaker Style) This taijutsu style emphasizes 'unstoppable' force. As its name implies, this style is strongest when the opponent is actually trying to defend and block the user's attacks. Each attack is pictured in the user's mind as striking 'through' the person rather than striking 'on' them. This causes their attacks to not lose any power upon impact, instead using whatever limb the opponent is blocking with to strike them with at the same force as if it had impacted without being blocked. This also allows users to more easily break through inanimate objects without requiring as much strength. (Used in conjunction with Tora Sensu, only while transformed)[C-rank]

Bloodline/Clan Description: Inuzuka

Bloodline/Clan Jutsus: Shikyaku no Jutsu
("Four Legs") Shikyaku no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Inuzuka clan. After forming the needed hand seals, chakra begins to emit from the body of the clan member and they take on a more canine-like appearance. These body changes give them increased speed and agility. (Note: D-rank. Basic Inu tech, required)

("Piercing fang") A Taijutsu technique where only one clan member spins violently at their opponent scratching and clawing at them. Unlike the Gatsuuga (Double Piercing Fang), this technique is done by the ninja alone, without the aid of their dog, or perhaps vice versa (Note: D-rank)

Hauringu Bakufuu no jutsu (Credit to Zane)
(Howling blast) The Inuzuka clan and their familiars let out a loud screech from their throats. By focusing chakra in their vocal cords, the clansmen and their partners can let out a loud “howl” that have the ability to not only deafen enemies for a short time, but also has the ability to knock back close targets, and things like kunai and shuriken and other light weight weaponry. Can be used in any form, and by both the human and the animals. Created by Inuzuka Taizen, and passed around to the rest of the clan. (C-Rank)

Inuzuka gene
The "were" part of Werewolf really is a frightful thing to behold, and Takoma's is certainly no exception. Takoma's muscles grow in mass and his limbs and body lengthen until he boasts a sprawling 7'5'' of pure strength. A thick, rugged coat grows all over his body which holds a slightly darker hue than his natural brown hair, his eyes turn beastial, filled with all the rage of a cornered, hungry wolf. His senses sharpen exponetially, while his strength, speed, and agility increases three-fold, making him a Hell of an opponent. Of course, nothing is without it’s costs. The sharp, jagged transformation of ones own flesh, bone and blood can be categorized as “uncomfortable” -- if one were to put it very, VERY nicely. Most people instead choose to describe the experience as a simple, “Fuck. That!“ Not only does it hurt like a son of a bitch, it also leaves Takoma very weary and weak due to the enormous drain to his Chakra. [B-Rank]
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Inuzuka "wildfire" Takoma
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