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Taking place 100 years after the end of the series.The 7th has come and gone and a new regime has come into power.But some of them are corupt and plan on taking over.Missing nin have started back up old groups.Villages are at war.Will you help save the c
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 Basic Rules + Regs (subject to change and be added to)

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Basic Rules + Regs (subject to change and be added to) Empty
PostSubject: Basic Rules + Regs (subject to change and be added to)   Basic Rules + Regs (subject to change and be added to) EmptyFri Jul 17, 2009 8:25 pm

1 ) Be respectful of others. This includes no name-calling, racial slurs... ultimately no slurs of any kind. Basically be nice or else.

2 ) Admins and moderators are here for a reason. You have a problem, talk to us. We are more than happy to help. Downside is this goes both ways. If you -are- a problem, we will make you disappear mysteriously in the middle of the night.

3 ) No one-lining IC. It shows absolutely no talent or creativity to write one line. Minimum 5 lines per post. No maximum, unless previously decided upon by everyone before a game.

4 ) Keep IC stuff IC. This means no bringing up fights or grievances OOC. That's not cool.

5 ) No Godmoding. No exceptions. Even admin and moderator characters are subject to death and destruction. Godmoding = Instant admin reflex to destroy you and your character.

6 ) Only you can say what happens to your character IC, nobody else. Within reason, of course. Keep rule 5 in the back of your mind. *glares menacingly*

7 ) Us admins and moderators aren't Gods IC... that doesn't mean we're not Gods OOC. Most of us are pretty laid back... but still probably not a good idea to piss us off.

8 ) 28 days (4 weeks) of inactivity is more than enough grounds to delete your account. Keep that in mind, and post often. Of course, if there is a legit reason for you being unable to be on, let one of us admins/mods know, and we will take no action against your account.

9 ) Have fun. This is a website made for entertainment, so make it as entertaining as possible. (Once again within reason. *continues to glare menacingly*)
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Basic Rules + Regs (subject to change and be added to)
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