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Taking place 100 years after the end of the series.The 7th has come and gone and a new regime has come into power.But some of them are corupt and plan on taking over.Missing nin have started back up old groups.Villages are at war.Will you help save the c
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 Omni Kawasaki(Finished)

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PostSubject: Omni Kawasaki(Finished)   Omni Kawasaki(Finished) EmptyWed Jul 15, 2009 10:38 pm

Basic Character Information:
Name: Omni Kawasaki
-Nickname: The Myth
Age: 25
Gender: male
Clan: Kawasaki

Looks: He is 6 foot 2 inches weighs 220 lbs of pure muscle.Blue hair and blue eyes.He carrys a katana and dresses verry formaly when he isnt in fighting gear.His gear consist of twenty kunai attached to his arms.His specialy crafter headband that covers his eyes and has two holes for his stage three storm eyes.He carrys a Red weapons scroll containing kunai shuriken and paperbombs that he makes look like a scarf around his neck.He also carrys his Deamon slayer on his back.He also carrys extra kunai and paperbombs in his pouch not shown in the picture.

Omni Kawasaki(Finished) Hotsuma
this is him when he travels this is what he wears
Omni Kawasaki(Finished) Characters_ohjiro
thjis is him When he is in the village

Personality:He is verry friendly and outgoing.He often travels around the village just so he can great the villagers and welcome new shinobi into the academy.He values family and friends above anything else which is why he became hokage to protect them.He is verry cocky in battle do to the knowledge of his own strength which is his biggest downfall.

Clan Name:Kawasaki
Kekkei Genkai:Strom eyes:Its like sharingan because it has three stages but it relys on water and wind chakra.The stages all have different colors when activated toidentify them.This is awakend at age 12 on the 12th birthday.The stages are unlocked by experience.for eachone they are able to achive new family jutsu.The downfall to this is it drains half the chakra of the user when activated.It is only to be used in extreme cases.All powers from the prevouse stage can be used in the next stage as well meening at stage three All the family jutsu and summoning can be used.

Stage one:(purple)this gives one family jutsu.
Name:Mist genjutsu
Type: kekei genkai
Rank: B
Element: water
Description:The user creates a genjutsu through eye contact.they then make the enemy think they are in a endless thick mist with no one around.Then the user can creat horrible images and make them seem like they are longer then they are a minute equlas one day.But no physical damage is done.this only last for one post and cant be done for another ten post after wards.It can cause mental damage.

stage 2:(green)this allows two new family justu.
Type: kekei genkai
Rank: A
Element: wind
Description:this doubles the users speed.This last while storm eyes is activated

Type: kekei genkai
Rank: A
Element: N/A
Description:The user can copy any jutsu but only at half the strength and only for one post and will have no knowledge of how to use it afetrwards.

stage 3:(aqua)This allows two family jutsu and a summoning.
Name:Multiple eyes
Type: Kekei genkai
Rank: S
Element: N/A
Description:this gives the user 4 eyes but only while storm eyes is activated at stage 3.the second set of eyes can look in the other directions that the users real two eyes arnt.

Name:Great wave
Type: kekei genkai
Rank: S
Element: Water and Wind
Description:This creates a gigant tidal wave capable of leveling an entire village and said to be able to extinguish Amaterasu.

Name: Ryujin
Physical Description:]He is a thirty foot tall dragon black in color.With huge wings that span 30 feet.
Omni Kawasaki(Finished) Black-dragons
Summon Requirements:Blood smeared on a tattoo of a dragon on the users back and the ability to use storm eyes stage 3.
Special Characteristics:He can talk but only to people he respects that have to be great shinobi.He knows no jutsu but can breath water gysers able to crush giant boulders.He can fly.
Elemental Affinity:Water and wind

Clan Symbol:]
]Omni Kawasaki(Finished) Triskele_celtic_celt29_th

Clan History:The kawasaki clan has been around since the last great shinobi war.They are verry powerful.Thier kekei genkai was a creation of experiments used to try and find a eye technique as powerful as sharingan.It was the last attempt before the study was banned but was the most affective one.The Current leader is Omni.This clan is allowed only five shinobi members because it is so powerful.

Rank Information:

Rank: Hokage
Village: Konohagakure

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Water and wind
Special Characteristics:He is extremely fast and strong almost unseeable when using super speed.


E ranked jutsu


D ranked jutsu

C Ranked Jutsu


B Ranked Jutsu

A Ranked Jutsu

S Ranked Jutsu

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PostSubject: (continued)   Omni Kawasaki(Finished) EmptyThu Jul 16, 2009 2:59 pm


Name:Demon Slayer
Appearance:It is light weight.Its a mixture of titaniam and chakra absorbing metal.It is crafted by draons breath and unbreakable due to it beeing chakra infused.

Omni Kawasaki(Finished) Fantasy_Swords_Anathar__Sword_of_P_

Rank: S
Special Abilities:It can seal anything it pierces through the heart.And acts as a chakra condutor for Omni.
Origin:It was given to Omni to by Ryujin on the day he was deemed to be hornerable enough to summon Ryujin.It is only to be used for good to help people.Omni took an oath to never seal anything unless it was nessacary to save the village.The only time Omni ever used it to seal anything was when he and Ryujin fought a Giant deamon made of pure chakra.Thus giving it its name the Deamon Slayer.

History and RP Sample:

Childhood arc-Omni was borne into a Clan that was basically created by Konohagakure its self.They were a product of experimenting with the gene that gave the Uchihas there Sharingan thus creating Storm eyes.By the time Omni was borne though the experiment had been ended and the people beeing experimented on set free.Omni was born to the leader of the Kawasaki clan at the time.So he was instantly placed in line to be the leader some day.

From a verry young age Omni was seen as a shinobi prodegy.Advancing in everything his father had tryed to tech him.By the age of five he had already learned all basic academy jutsu.But when he was seven a war between Sunagakure and Konohagakure had broken raged on for many years and many ninja were killed in the battle.Including Omni's father.

Around the time the war started to come to an end Omni was having his twelth birthday the day were his storm eyes would be awakened.On this day Suna decided to stage one last kou they attacked kanoha directly.When they did three shinobi tryed to break into The kawasaki clan's main home were Omni lived.Luckily Omni was there first and out of anger created a genjutusu on the men and made them see visions of them beeing stabed and tortured by this twelve year old boy.As they went through this it gave the family enough time to exscape.

When they came to there were a squad of konoha jounin waiting for them.They had been tied up and left to be imprisoned.From that day on Omni swore that he would never let another person he loved be harmed.That was also the first day he joined the Ninja Academy.

Academy arc-When Omni joined the ninja academy he was instantly adored by all.He was so friendly and out going and trained so hard.He was still seen as a prodigy But not just as the family prodigy but as the village prodigy.The teachers where astounded when he already knew most of the academy jutsu."But how would a boy who just joined know these?"They questioned.Realizing how they understood why this kid was working so hard.He wanted to protect everyone and avoid having anyone close to him die again.

During his time at the school they trained Verry hard.They ran ten miles before anf at the end of class.During class they would practice learning hand signs and basic jutsu.Though with students like omni they would try to teach them alittle higher jutsu.They would have test every week and omni would always pass them with flying colors.

Everyday after school omni would run an extra ten miles just for good messure.He would also train his own jutsu that he created.He would make his family verry proud.Seeing as he was just made the new clan leader.Becoming the youngest clan leader of any clan ever at the age of thirteen.After which the day finaly came when the genin exams would be held.Needless to say Omni passed and was assigned to squad 5 under the watch of his new sensei Roshi Ichi and with his two teamates Kimiko shaku and Choji Akinowa.

Genin arc-The first day Omni met his team he was surprised at the diversity of them.They had a weapons expert a taijutsu expert and the sensei was an expert in Kenjutsu and Genjutsu.Omni had no specialty yet he was just good at everything but nothing stood out he had always looked for his specialty but never found it.Until his teams first mission.

Team five was to escort a futile lords daughter from konoha to Suna.It was a ranked.They were given this rank of a misson because there was a shortage of jounin at the time due many s rank missions pouring into the village.Along the was squad five came across alot of difficult task.Including a assasination attempt on the girls life.It was then that Omni found out his specialty at ninjutsu.He used two water jutsu to take out two of three shinobi that attacked the group.Water skiing and water whip is what he called them.He flew on water is what his teammates said to toher people when they told the story. Needless to say they completed the misson and returned home.

Two weeks after that Omni and his team were to compete in the chuunin exams.They had to complete the writen test which they all past thanks to roshi's teachings.Then they had to pass the forest of death.They started out with a heaven scroll which meant they had to find the earth scroll.This is when they came up with a combination team jutsu.Omni-Kimi-Cho in which it would start with Omni using his family jutsu mist genjutsu in which he imprisons the enemy in thier own mind and make them think they are alone in a mist.Next Kimi would use her kekei genkai to create a water vortex around the enemy then ombni would release he genjustu making the enemy thing they are still trapped meanwhile choji set paper bombs outside the vortext when the enemy tried to leap out of the mist it would active them.Completeing the justu.

They retrieved the scroll and made it to the final part of the exam where they had to square of in one on one fights.Omni was placed againt the top fighter from Suna.A kid named koshiko.Koshiko was skilled in genjutsu.When they faced off Omni started.He first used his twenty kunai fling technique.But in the middle of the flip he got caught in a genjutsu.In the genjutsu it seemed like he was in the arena all alone with just the boy from suna.But instead of beeing a boy he was now a demon.with fangs but he still had the basics of the boy enough to tell it was him.Suddenly the boy was behind him without even moving.He stuck a sword through Omnis arm and twisted it.It was then that through all the pain Omni noticed this was just a genjutsu.Thinking quickly Omni was able to use kai during the genjutsu and exscaped.He then used storm eyes to make his own genjutsu and trap the boy at the same time as using water whip to knock the boy out.

Omni won the match and became a Chuunin.So did both his teammates.This was a great thing especially for the village because a war was starting soon between konoha and the mist.For this reason Omni was put in charge of his own team as a chuunin leader and he wanted nothing more than to prove himself.

Chuunin arc-Around the age of fifteen Omni was made a chuunin leader of a squad.Unluckily for them it was a time of war.So they had no jounin to rely on for the time beeing.Although on the bright side Omni had achieved storm eyes level two.He was now able to run at twice his speed and was able to use copy which allowed him to do what it implies and copy others moves.

One day Omnis team was assigned to a mission.It was Omni's first mission as a team leader.The were to be the gaurds of a pricless artifact on its way to the snow village.It was a long trip with alot of different weather climates to get thier ranging from verry hot to verry cold.

When they reached the snow village there was a huge gap where the bridge should have been.Omni checked it out and noticed it had been blown up with paperbombs.Something was terribly wrong.He use a water jutsu to freeze water over the gap.they then continued on.When they got into the village they had been heading for it was taken over by a missing nin and former seven swordsman.Omni knew this was going to be his biggest test.

He and his team worked thier way to the village headquarters sneeking past many gaurds considering they couldnt fight them or the whole village gaurd would be appon them and there was no way they could take them all.When they got there they snuck through the halls of the headquarters until they came upon the missing nin and and two bodygaurd shinobi.Omni ordered his team to distract the gaurds while he took on the missing nin.

The three genin created shadow clones to draw the gaurds away and they followed after the gaurds.At that point omni attemped his weapons in the wind jutsu.Throwing a scroll in the air and releasing twenty kunai and five shuriken flying at the ninja.At the last moment the missing nin blocked them all with his sword.He summoned omni out of hidding.Omni responded by stepping out and facing his opponent.The ninja revealed himself as Konan and his sword which was a double sided broad sword with the power to weild fire was call fire lord and was six feet in legnth Omni knew there was no way he could take him on with the normal katana he wore on his back at the time so he had to use his storm eyes to speed things up a bit.

Konan started out with a fire whip type jutsu.Omni used a replacment jutsu to dodge it.He then started running at the ninja while proforming his whipping winds kick he landed it and sent the ninja flying into a wall.Konan then stood up in a rage and unleashed a large fire jutsu the lit up the whole room.Omni just barley exscaped it.But he managed to use the jutsu to his advantage.using it to speed around konan and appear behind him.Omni waited for him to turn and look in his eyes to use his drowning genjutsu.This caused konan to pass out.After which omni tied him up and locked him in one of the prison cells in the basement until backup could arrive.

Omni then saught out his genin and found that they had successfully took out the two gaurds.With the leader deffeated they where able to set free the village and deliver the artifact to the village leader.They then returned home to find that Omni would be promoted to Jounin for such a strong showing of leadership and strength on the mission.

Jounin arc-Omni became the youngest Jounin of the time at the age of seventeen.Shortly after beeing made a jounin Omni was sent into the war against Kirigakure.He was sent along with a squad of two other Jounin of his class.There mission was to confront the Mizukage which would not be an easy task do to the number of gaurds that would be gaurding him.Not to mention the strength of the mizukage himself.

Omni and his crew had to be careful traveling to the mist village due to all the anbu that had been assigned to gaurd the paths.While nearing the village they were attacked by a squad of six Anbu ninja.This was the first time that Omni would ude one of his s ranked jutsu in a battle.It would also be the first time he would use storm eyes stage three.

When they noticed the number of anbu Omni knew the only way they stood a chance was if he used storm eyes stage three.He activated them and when he did people stopped and stared he had developedtwo extra eyes on his head and they were aqua shaded."you guys get the front and the back ive got the left and the right"he said to his teamates.Because of the advancment he could now realy see both ways at once.He noticed two people coming from both directions so used his whipping wind kicks to speed it up enough to hit all four of the men knocking them down.

He then used drew out his sword and used his flash slashes technique going so fast the other men couldnt see him dashing back and foth striking all six of them wounding them just enough to debilitae them.Afetr defeating them he said"try to stop us again and ill end your lives."walking away with a cocky step.He felt so powerful he took out six anbu in less then ten minutes.The storm eyes had made him super human.But he would find that they were not the strongest thing around not by a long shot.

As they traveled into the mist village they snock quietly so they didnt alarm the village afterall they didnt want to frighten the village people they were they got further into the village they noiced a tall building.That had o be the mizukages mansion so they made there way to it.They snuck through the hall silently killing gaurd by gaurd.Omni was moving so fast he took out a whole hall of gaurds like they wernt even there.

They finaly made it to the room of the mizukage and took out his gaurds.They broke down the door thinking they had got the jump on him but to thier disbalife he had been waiting for them.A thick mist sealed the room.Omni tryed to break it but with no success.They looked every were as they noticed no one was around.Suddenly a man stepped out from the mist like it was just dropps of water.Then the spot sealed up once more."i controll this water it is an extention of me."the wan said as he walked towrds the team slowly.Turning his arm into water.

He turned his arm into an ice sword.Slashing it at the three jounin.Omni barely ducked in time.Due to his storm eyes still beeing ativated.The other two were lunged into the mist bouncing off of it like a wall.Omni tried to cut it with his katana but it broke.He then took out two shuriken and threw them but the mizukage blocked them with ease.The mizukage then kicked Omni launching him at the mist.Then the mizukage released the mist and leapt out the window waiting for the jounin to follow.

The three eventualy got up and followed the kage out the window into a large clearing just outside the building.Whjen they landed he was just standing there laughing.The jounin looked on in confusion."fool you dont know who you are messing with."he said as he started glowing with chakra.He then transformed his body into pure water.He then took off towards the jounin.He took out Omnis two teammates first.Leaving Omni standing"your eyes ammuse me. I must have them."he said laughing as he circled Omni.

"Come and get them"omni said as he started using his multiple eyes technique to atch the kage.When the kage came near baki bolted out of the way.Since super speed was still active he was atleast as fast as the kage.Causing the kage to lunge forward on accident gave Omni time to start a move he had been working on.His most powerful jutsu not given to him by his kekei genkai.His great water ball jutsu.He started making the water ball thinking he had to drown water this was going to be impossible.Forming a ten foot high water ball and spinning it at a super high speed he lunged it at the kage.Direct hit but would it be enough to defete him.when omni went to check the kage stood but fell immediatly luckily for him.Tottaly worn out Omni went and picked his friends up and carried them to a safe spot to wait for backup.

Due to his extensive use of his kekei genkai Omni was extremely weak leaving him in the hospital for weeks.When he eventually came through he was notified that the kage had been captred thanks to him and now the rest of the mist were ready to sign a treaty and be done with thier tyrant leader.Omni was asked to be next inline for hokage but at the time refused he felt that he needed to be stronger.Strong enough so that if he has to face Person like that again he can do it on his own and not let anyone else get hurt.So he set off for the mountain of dragons that his father told him of when he was a kid.

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Beeing united with ryujin arc-(when Omni was 7)Omnis father had told him stories of a far away mountain one hundred miles from konohagakure were dragons lived and that one day as a Kawasaki he would be able to visit there but not until the time was right.He told him were it was and about the leader of the dragons Ryujin.He told him when he was ready ryujin wold know and bestowe apon omni powers unimaginable.After wards Omni ran to his room and his the map in a shoebox in a cubby hole until he needed it.

(back to the present Omni is age 22)After his fierce battle with the Mizukage Omni knew he had to get stronger.So he went to his childhood room and found the map in the cubby hole although due to his growth it was a tight squeese.Omni planned out his trip and left the next morning.

The trip would be a long trip so he left verry early hoping to make haste.He traveled for three days until he got tired of sleeping on the ground and in trees.Eventually he came across a small village with barley any shinobi to speak of.He found and inn ran by an old woman.The old woman and Omni got talking and went to the inn bar for a drink.There She and Omni swapped stories with the village people and eachother.The most intruiging story was a story of a prophesie set to happen verry soon if it was right.On the next full moon it was said that a giant beast made of entirely chakra would attack the village and destroy it and then it would go on for moor blood and power.Omni thought this was just a story and thought nothing more of it.He had a couple more drinks and then retired to his room for the night.

In the morning the village people were sad to see Omni go but realized he had to go.He bid them goodbye and continued on towards the dragon mountain.He traveled another two weeks through the woods until he came to the foot of the mountain.He camped there for one last day and in the morning traveled to the peak.It was there that he found A mouth to a cave.He entered the cave and found a cavern like city of dragons flying over it.He saw a large hut in the middle that must have been atleast fifty feet tall.He made his way there quietly so not to disturb the dragons.When he arrived at the hut opening he heard a voice.

"come in Omni"it said he listened and entered to find it was Ryujin."how did you know i was here and my name?"he asked baffeled."ive had one of my dragons watching you for quite some time now.They listed your travels and repotrted them to me."he said with a stern look"and with your current proformance i knew you would seek me out.And beeting a kage has shown me you are ready."Omni had a confused look on his face"ready.Ready for what?"he asked the giant dragon infront of him.

"yes Omni you are ready for my teachings and afterwhich you will recieve a reward."Omni was delighted to hear this.The dragon then scooped up Omni and carried him to an open field."this is were we will train"ryujin said.He then spat a huge burst of water at Omni.Omni jumped out of the way just in time."what was that for?" Omni demanded to know."prve your self just once more Omni and you may have your gifts."Rujin scoled and spat again.Omni was ready this time and easily Avoided it.

He then activated storm eyes and became to fast for Rujin to track but Ryujin blew a burst of wind and knocked Omni down."dont think just speed will beat me boy!"Ryujin scolded blowing water at Omni once more.At that moment Omni used his nine gates of hell technique bringing up nine thick walls and blocking the water with ease.

He then jumped on the top of the first wall and sprinted across the wall tops until he landed at the feet of Ryujin.He ran up Ryujins tail and drew out his sword and held it to his throat out of over thinking the situation in desperation.Quickly he dropped his sword and fell to the ground."good job boy you have earned the gifts i owe you."Ryujin said after realizing omni had shown strength speed and the knowledge to controll himself during battle.

"stand before me please Omni"he said and Omni listened.Ryujin drew to things from behind his wings.In one claw was a scroll in the other was a sword.The scroll was a summoning contract for Omni to sign to summon ryujin himself and the other was a sword crafted of titanium and chakra absorbing metal formed by dragons breath.It was explained to him that it was his familys sword and with the proper training could be used to seal anything with the right ritual.

For the next few days Omni was taught the ritual and how to summo Ryujin which he got used to verry quick.He made a new sheet for the sword and strapped it to his back.The day had come to leave.Ryujin was going to give Omni a flight home on his back.On the way back home Omni asked to stopp by the small village he had befriended before he left But to his surprise when he landed the village was reduced to rubble with few survivers.One of the survivores beeing the old woman who had told him the stories.

Omni asked the woman what had happened.She told him how the prophecy had come true and that the monster had already left to conquer the next village and every other village untill nothing was left.But the next village was Konoha.Quickly Omni swore to defeat the monter and ran to Ryujin to find the monster and destroy it before it caused anymore trouble.Finally Omni found the beast but the beast was right at the gates of konoha and was fighting the current hokage and by the looks of things was winning.What could Omni do to stop this beast?

Becoming the hokage arc-when Omni approached the village the beast was at the gates.The current hokage was fighting him but was to weak due to age in his day he could have defeated this beast.Unfortunantly before Omni could interfere the monster killed the hokage.

When Omni got closer he could make out the looks of the beast.He was about thirty feet tall just about the same hight as Ryujin but glowed with yellow chakra.He was in the shape of a mole but with four tails.Omni knew this would take him and Ryujin and so did Ryujin.

They both devised a plan to kill the beast.Thet flew up high and Ryujin spat water at the giant mole.This distrated the beast an drew him towards them away from the village atleast that was a good sign they thought.Omni was going to seal this beast but needed to knock him down first.Omni knew the perfect jutsu for this.

He activated storm eyes and prepared hand signs and started a verry powerful jutsu.In a matter of seconds a huge wave rose up atleast fifty or sixty feet.right behind Omni."this is why we needed to get you to the middle of now where beat.Now its time to die for hurting all those people.""Great wave technique"yelled Omni in a fit of rage dropping the huge wave right on the mole knocking him down with no problem.

Omni then jumped onto Ryujins back and flew high above the beast and omni started a new jutsu as he drew out his sword and the beast was still on its back.He threw out a hundered kunai at the chest of the beast directing them with wind making his clans sysbol on the beast chest.He then dove off of Ryujin holding his sword out piercing right in the middle of the symbol and just barley hitting the beat heart.

"Kawasaki family sealing"Omni yelld as the sword started to glow and the beast started to fade away.After about five minutes of grueling work the sealing was complete and the beast was defeated.The villagers ran out and greated Ryujin and omni who was passed out.They picked his body up and brought him back to the village."goodbye for now my worthy friend we shall meet again"Ryujin said as he flew away towards dragon mountain to return home.Those were also te last thing Omni heard that day as he smirked and full blacked out to unconsiouse.

When Omni awoke he was informed he was elected as the new Hokage pending his acceptance.Omni looked around the room first at all the hopefilled faces."Of course ill leade this great village" he said with a smile.Over the next few weekas he kept buisy with paperwork and mission assigntment wating for another thing to come and face him and be defeated.

(legacy to be continues....)

Rp Sample:Ichigo woke up verry early that mourning.He got ready and threw on his chain mail shirt and cargo shorts.He then threw on his cloak and staff and ran out the door.He was running for the traing area.It was a hot but dry day like always in sunagakure.But in his eyes it was the perfect day to train all of his new jutsu most of wich were defensive.He loved traing and wanted nothing more than to become stronger and in his eyes the only way to do that was attain as many jutsu as he could.He thought about this the whole time until he walked into a Dark cavern where his training was to be held.

Ichigo then strolled into the training area.He had his father come set up a training course for him earlier that mourning and there were going to be alot of kunai and arrows flying at him tody but he also had a couple new offensive ones that he planned on destroying a couple dummies with today.

He took off his cloak and staff and rested them on the ground.He then steped forward into a large cirlcle his father had draw out for him and told him wehen he was ready to start to step into it and throw a kunai at the target ahead.He saw the target and lunged a kunai right into the bullseye thus begining the training.To ichigos surprise two people from his clan stepped out."this is so awsome" he thought that meant he would be able to put his new jutsus to the real test.

The two men were dressed in armore and were weilding kunai and arrows just as ichigo expected the dummies would have had.They were masked so that he would not be able to distinguish who they were.But he knew they were from his clan because of the symbol they work on the mask.

The two started by drawing kunai and tossing them at Ichigo."to easy!"he exclaimed "rock curtain"he yelled as he made hand signs drawing a rock sheet up from the ground and blocking the kunai."you guys think this will be that simple give me something harder and why dont you have a taste of difficulty while your at it"he said mocking the men as he prepared his next jutsu.

"iron mist jutsu"he said as he made more hand signs a cloud of iron particals rose into the air.Ichigo then condenced them to hide himself from the men."where did he go"they said in a fit of confusion."my father didnt tell you i was working on this kind of stuff today did he you fools" ichigo said taunting the men.

Ichigo then started his next new jutsu."time to go on the offensive" he said as he started more hand signs creating a puddle of murcury and drawing kunai from his back pocket.He then dipped them in the murcury and hardened the murcury to the tips.He then started running and clearing the mist as he ran."murcury tiped kunai dance"He shouted as he lunged at the men landing with kunai to there throats.

"you guys are lucky your not really enemys of you would be dead right no"he laughed as he dropped the kunai and proformed his next jutsu istantly."Great flash technique"he whispered so not to give the surprise away.The men were blinded as a bright flash of light lit the dark traing area.When they regaind thier sight they looked up and saw ichigo right where he was before he attacked with the kunai.

"You call your selves ninja"he said with a smirk."hmph, then give me better than what you have"waving his hand to say bring it on.He then started his next jutsu to get ready for the barrage of kunai he knew that would envoke."steel skin"he said creating a thin layer of metal around himself.Right at that moment the men unleashed a furry of kunai at ichigo.It must of been atleast twenty kunai.All of which hit him but bounced of of him like rain off of a tin roof.Except a couple did manage to dent the steel seeing how he wasnt yet advanced enough to make a thicker skin.

He wanted to test just how much more this skin could take."come on guys is that all you have i could fight you in my sleep with my hands tied behind my back."he shouted at them angrily.They then launch another ten kunai at ichigo.A couple actualy cut through the steel and grazed ichigos real skin cutting him slightly.The steel then started to fade away back into the ground.A little bit bruised and scraped but nothing bad Ichigo stood strait up and stared both the men down.

He then wanted to test his rock curtain one last time.He requested that the men used arrowns for this turn.So they both pulled there bows out and aimed at Ichigo.After all no matter what he was still going to be thier leader one day and knew that the more powerful he became the better so they would do what it took to do this no matter how rude he was beeing.

they each drew out two arrows and readied them to fire.Ichigo stood there and store down the arrows as they were released.Verry quickly he made the hand signs and rose up a stone wall infront of him.barley bringing it up in time to knock them down.Ichigo then realized that he wanted to end this training.

"thats it ive grown sick of you two"he said starting his last jutsu on his planned list."Flint sparks technique"he said as flint rose into the air igniting into a huge puff of sparks.A few sparks hit the men causing slight burns on them."ouch,ouch"they said as they wiped at the sparks landing on them.When they looked back up they noticed they had lost sight of Ichigo once again.He had managed to sneek behind the two of them.He tapped them on the shoulder just to add insult to injury.He then took thier heads and smashed them together knocking them out.

"next time ill have to remember to tell father to send real ninja when i train"he said with an attitude mocking the men once more.He walked out of the cirlcle and put his cloak back on and picked up his staff.Walking up to the two men poking them with it as they made low groaning noises.Then he strapped his staff to his back and with a grin"ill send med ninja to clean you two up in a bit sit tight.Well i suppose you realy have no choice sweet dreams men"he said as he disappeared back into the village.

(1154 word)
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